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amuse bouche

I love quotes that add meaning to my life. Here are a few to live by:

Americans who have been to France and come home craving a reminder of their magical European experience, love Vermont cheeses.
—Allison Hooper, founder, VT Butter & Cheese Creamery

Practice not cleaning your plate: it will help you eat less in short term and develop self-control in the long term.
—Michael Pollan

Sweet taste buds develop before all others, that’s why small children love sweets.
—Bronwyn Dunne

Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of milk.
—Michael Pollan

My rule of thumb is, when in doubt, cook more than you think you may need.
—Marian Cunningham, from Learning to Cook

dEELicious Flavors for your Summer Grill

dEELicious Flavors for your Summer Grill

Summertime is for grilling: burgers, BBQ chicken, steak, and BBQ Freshwater Eel.  Yep, you heard me, BBQ eel. Fresh-caught from the rivers that feed into Lake Champlain, eel can be a delicious and unique addition to your summertime grill menu.

fresh blog posts

Join me In the Kitchen with Bronwyn, to continue the tradition of American kitchens. Through these blog posts we will do it with good food and good conversation. Let’s share our stories, inspire each other, and in the process, define together the food we love.

Go Bananas at Burlington Farmer's Market

Go Bananas at Burlington Farmer’s Market

Vote with your dollar! Buy organic and buy fair trade! Make conscientious food choices after learning the shocking history of bananas. Gluten free banana pancake recipe included.

Five Reasons to Pursue Continuing Education

Five Reasons to Pursue Continuing Education

Picture yourself learning the art of cheese making with renowned cheese maker, David Asher, or foraging for mushrooms in the beautiful rolling hills of the Northeast Kingdom, or learning the art of fermentation by the self-proclaimed “fermentation fetishist,” Sandor Katz.  The School of the New American Farmstead (SNAF) at Sterling College offers you these experiences and more; visit […]

Mind Your Macros - there's an app for that

Mind Your Macros – there’s an app for that

We are living in a time where information, not all of it reliable, about anything in the world, is available in an instant.  That same sentiment for immediate gratification permeates all aspects of our lives, including our kitchens.  Convenient food, 5-minute abs, and the promised magic of a weight loss pill lure us away from […]

A Love Affair with Fermented Fare

A Love Affair with Fermented Fare

Fermented carrots are easy, tangy, crispy, flavorful, colorful, and nutritious. What’s not to love!? Learn how to make your own with a variety of flavor suggestions.

Onion Soup for the Soul

Onion Soup for the Soul

Fight the winter blues with hearty homemade French Onion Soup. Follow the classic recipe, or join me with a creative spin by using lamb stock and going gluten free (I subbed potato for the bread!). YUM!

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Unagi - Preparation and Serving Suggestions

Unagi – Preparation and Serving Suggestions

READ THE FULL BLOG POST HERE Unagi, aka BBQ Freshwater Eel, is a delicious combination of salty and sweet.  The following will tell you how to make tasty unagi sauce, prepare homemade BBQ Eel, as well as serving suggestions.  Unigi sauce can be used to grill your own eel, or as a condiment. It is […]

Gluten Free Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Gluten Free Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Gluten Free Banana Oatmeal Pancakes Easily double, triple, or quadruple your recipe!  The below ingredient list make 5. Enjoy these fresh or prepare ahead as food prep.  I make a triple batch of the below on Sunday morning and enjoy a couple hot off the griddle, then save the rest in the fridge for up […]

Muffins posing as cupcakes

Muffins posing as cupcakes

Inspired by “The Great British Baking Show,” which I binge-watched while wrapping presents, I got a hankering for some seasonal baking.  A quick synopsis for anyone who hasn’t seen the show: it is a reality TV show where amateur bakers compete in a series of baking challenges to find out who is worthy of the […]

Author`s Corner

I’m a writer, myself, and so love to read what other food writers have to say. I hope you enjoy reading about cookbooks and books about food as much as I do!

MIndful Carnivore by Tovar Cerulli

The Mindful Carnivore

I first met Tovar Cerulli, a former vegetarian, when he was in the process of publishing his new book about his decision to hunt game rather than eat commercial meat. I was struck by the emphasis Tovar places on mindfulness, and on the consideration we need to have about everything we eat.

Simple Asian Meals

Simple Asian Meals

Who isn’t cooking Asian these days? I just had friends over for a dinner of our grass-fed beef short ribs only to be reminded at the last minute that one of them was a vegetarian. Out came my wok, frozen shrimp from my freezer, some snow peas, green onions, red peppers and a variety of soy, oyster and fish sauces, along with some cooking sherry. I improvised and my hungry friend seemed satisfied with the end result, a quasi-Chinese shrimp stir-fry. But, if I’d had Nina Simond’s book, Simple Asian Meals, I might have cooked a dish that would have made my short-rib eating friends jealous.

Spoon Fed Stories

Some of us, home cooks—and I include myself in this group—love food so much we find our lives structured and embellished by our food experiences. Spoon Fed Stories are our stories, the stories of family and friends. Think of this as the kitchen table where we share the fun and the adventures we’ve had with food.

The Venerable Shojin Ryori Cuisine of Japan by Hiroko Shimbo

The Venerable Shojin Ryori Cuisine of Japan by Hiroko Shimbo

Cookbook author and friend, Hiroshi Shimbo, writes about the special 7th century vegetarian cuisine still practiced today, Shojin Ryori, which I enjoyed on my visit to a Zen temple in Japan this spring.

From the Sea Cloud to the Cloud Nine of Dining

From the Sea Cloud to the Cloud Nine of Dining

Guest blogger Margo Davis returns with a story about her recent trip to one of the best places to eat in the world, San Sebastian, Spain. Enjoy her story of Michelin three-star restaurants and cultural icons!

Imagine Who Is Coming to Dinner

Imagine Who Is Coming to Dinner

by Margo Davis
Imagine cooking for the food maven of all times, Judith Jones….



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Gateau de Crepes- In Molly’s Kitchen.
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